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kissableanquiet's Journal

*~*literate and stylish...kissable and quiet...*~*
ill be your friend... :D

i believe in love.i dont believe someone will love me.im honest.dont lie to me.i have feelings.dont hurt me.i dont put up with peoples insipid minds.dont bore me.i will love you if you let me.you will hurt me if i love you....

im optimistic i swear.

24 hour party people, 50 cent, 60's, 80's, a static lullaby, afi, after silence, against me!, alkaline trio, anatomy of a ghost, as i lay dying, at the drive in, bane, berlin, best interest, bjork, bleeding kansas, blood brothers, books, brand new, coheed and cambria, connor, converge, copeland, cursive, cute hair, dancing at shows, dashboard, dead poetic, desparecidos, devenir, driving, elliot smith, everytime i die, far, feeling left out, finch, friends, fun kids, further seems forever, garage rock, give up the ghost, glassjaw, goth, hackers, hardcore, hefner, hey mercedes, holding hands, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, ian curtis, idlewild, impossibles, indie films, international noise conspiracy, interpol, irreversible, jacks broken heart, jeffries fan club, joy division, jr ewing, juliana theory, lack, late nite phone calls, le tigre, letter kills, making out, mars volta, mates of state, morissey, movielife, moving units, muse, music, my chemical romance, n.e.r.d, neptunes, new order, nine inch nails, noise ratchet, open hand, pedro the lion, peircings, pharrel williams, placebo, pop uknown, pretty girls make graves, punk, radiohead, reel big fish, refused, requiem for a dream, robert smith, rocking out, rufio, rx bandits, sarcasm, saves the day, sean, selby tigers, shows, sigur ros, siouxsie and the banshees, sleep, slurpees, snapcase, sparta, spirtualized, straylight run, sugarcult, sundays best, sunnyday real estate, taking back sunday, tattos, the anniversary, the beautiful mistake, the bled, the clash, the cure, the early november, the faint, the get up kids, the hives, the june spirit, the killingtons, the mooney suzuki, the rapture, the rocket summer, the rocking horse winner, the smiths, the used, the walkmen, theater of the absurd, thrice, thrift stores, throwdown, thursday, trainspotting, trial of dead, trust, vegan food, vegans, vendetta red, vintage, writing, yellowcard