*~*literate and stylish...kissable and quiet...*~* (kissableanquiet) wrote,
*~*literate and stylish...kissable and quiet...*~*

::assume, assume, assume...youll never get anywhere...::

if you want to be added to my Friends list and have access to all my intermost thoughts and feelings (haha)...leave a comment my dear <3
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meeeee hehee
i think i already added you!! haha. if not ill do it again. xoxo
Hey doll! I miss you! I hope all is well! Love ya! xoxoxox

hey hey hey!! Its me
fun. ill add you. </3
kat!!! add me--it's nat. this is my new lj. i may be deleting the other soon. thanks!

added!!!!!!!!! :D luv yah hun! xoxo



14 years ago

your layout is so pretty.... i'm adding you, add me back?
awe thanx!! ill add you! :D



14 years ago



14 years ago

hey you imed me ...
ill add you.
you and me have similar music interests.

<3 justin..
hehe yeah :) ill add you too! *high five* i noticed that...thats why i was like omg i hafta talk to you. *hopefully* soon :D xoxo
hiii .. hope you dont mind, i'm adding you =)
hey, you seem cool, can i add you?
hehe thanx! sure! ill add you too! xoxo

We have lots and lots in common.

You're layout is so adorable.

I added you alright?

oh why thank you<3! i looooove TBS. and yes we do! :D ill add you back! xoxo
i'd like to be added =)

yay! ill add you! add me tooo! :D xoxo
tbs is so fucking great ive never had the chance to see thembut ive seen videos there amazing add me please
hehe thanx! and YES i agree they are effing awsome! *hopefully* they will start to tour again so that you can experience the beauty of tbs that i have! your added! xoxo
Holy Effin Shit! I <333333333333333 Your Layout!!!! Awsome X's A Million And One!! Be My Friend And Add Me Back?!

[:[Adds You]:]

haha! wow! thanx tons!!! you are added my dear<3 xoxo

Deleted comment

um hi christine...im actually katie not hollie. lol. you prolly have me confused w. someone else? haha. take care xoxo
ur layout rox! tbs is sooo awesome! add me back?
hehe thanx! *added* xoxo

wow wow wow you know mike blisstearingeye and my best friend vanessasplotchkid06. how fun! lol i was looking under dumbstruck i think it is and found you right now. how nice. lol. friends?
woooo im katie too!! *high five*!!! *friends*! xoxo


14 years ago



14 years ago

Man this is crazy! We almost have the same user name.

Now I know 2 people with almost the same one as me :D

Thought I'd drop byy..say Hi..and wonder if you'll add me :]
haha!! see were ::such:: kool kids for having awsome sns! lol ill add you!!!! xoxox!
i was just randomly searchin under winning jersey and saw that you liked em too. well i was the bass player and stuff so yea heres my lj addy if you want to add me up!
I'm adding you because Taking Back Sunday rocks my soul straight to my toes, and I see you as a mouthpeice.
niiice. thanx! ill add you as well<3 xoxo
Katie, this is Amber

I just got a new journal.
Add me dear!
<3 <3 Amber
hi hun!! *added*!! i miss you! take care!! xoxo
hey hey, TBS ROX!! im adding you to my friends, wont you do the same? lol ThNX
hehe *thanx* they do rock...but im kinda anti the new guy who is not good at background vocals...its not the same w. out jon!! but i will DEF add you! *friends* xoxo
Hey.. I found you through someone else's lj... TBS = my heart<3
Add me?
of course! *friends*! xoxo!
katie i found you accidentally... i just got a LJ today. wanna be my friend?
kt!!!!!!!!!!!!! *FRIENDS*!!!!!!!!! haha! luv yah! xoxo
i wanna be frieends. so you should add me cause i kickass!
ok...ill take your word for it. *added* xoxo
Hey join the Best Interst community! bestxinterest and dont forget to tell your friends!!! <3
hahaha ok. i did thanx. xo
hi im jason. check out my band its www.adelerock.com but we might change the layout. buttt wait i like you too im not just plugging my band!!!!! alkfjd

hahaha ok thanx! :)! ill add you as a *friend* cuz ur "name" is iamthekiller...i LOVE thursday! xoxo


13 years ago

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